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Three companies are carrying out the distribution of electric energy in Georgia: "Energo- Pro Georgia", "Telasi" and "Kakheti Energy Distribution"

JSC "Energo-Pro Georgia"
JSC "Energo-Pro Georgia" is one of the largest transmission companies in Georgian energy market that, except Tbilisi and Kakheti regions, owns high (110kv) voltage , the medium (35-10kv) voltage and the low (6-0,4kv) voltage networks on the whole territory of Georgia.

The main features of company activities:

• Distribution of electric energy;
• Production of electric energy.
• Electric energy transit
• Technical service of its subscribers.

Energo-Pro Georgia provides 2.150 billion electric energy in a year and distributes to 850 000 subscribers. Thus, companies' sales amount of electric energy is equal to 40 percent of electric energy use in Georgia.

The company's main activity courses are:

• reliable supply of electric energy,
• to increase the level of customer service,
• improvement of new technologies
• whole modernization of network.

In June, 2007 Czech Joint-stock Company Energo-Pro Georgia bought the assets of Georgian United Energy Distribution Company and Adjara Energy Distribution Company. Among the assets of distribution company Energo-Pro bought seven hydro electric energy stations: Rioni, Gumathe cascade, Dzevri, Shaori, Lajanuri, Atsi and Ortachala. Those calculated power energy together is more than 368 MGW.

Czech company Energo-Pro was established in 1994 in city of Svitavi in Czech Republic.

This company was founded by private party that was the continuation of their past activities. They started with manufacturing of hydro turbines and were occupied with building hydroelectric stations.

Currently Energo-Pro owns 11 hydroelectric stations in Czech Republic, also owns hydroelectric stations in Turkey and Bulgaria. Company's estate is about EUR 300 millions according to international market rate.

Company's project made with support of Czech Export Bank, which is under government jurisdiction. They specialized on export and financial help in foreign investments of Czech companies. From 2002 Export Bank is the sponsor of Energo-Pro's international activities. EGAPP-Czech Republic export guarantee and Insurance Company is also big supporter of Energo-Pro's investment, which provides insurance of Energo-Pro and Czech Export Bank investment.

JSC "Telasi" 

JSC "Telasi" is one of the largest distribution companies on Georgia energy market which owns high (110kv) voltage the medium  (35-10kv) voltage and the low (6-0,4kv) voltage  networks in Tbilisi and its near areas.

The main features of company activity: Distribution of electric energy. At the same time company provides the following service:

·         Transit service of electric energy;

·         Tecnical service of the consumers;

·         Billing and payment service of other service organizations.

Customer service and exploitation of electric network is carried in 17 centers of subscriber's services, in 4 additional points of bill collection and in14 areas of exploitation, which are located in all administrative regions.
Joint-Stock Company Telasi with 2 billion kilowatt-hour energy distributes to 416 500 subscribers in a year. 
In difference with the last year's energy crisis, now the limit on electric energy and accidents in capital city per day decreased. The quality of reliable energy supply, also price rate indicator of electric energy use increased. During two years, company paid more than GEL 200 million  to state budget.
Telasi distribution network includes:
• 110 kw under stations - 23 under stations, 45 transformers;
• 35 kw under stations - 12 under stations, 23 transformers;
• 6-10/0,4 under stations - 1570 under stations, 2032 transformers;
• 110 kw air - electro transfer lines - 33 lines, lengths 284 km;
• 35 kw air - electro transfer lines - 14 lines, lengths 85 km;
• 35 kw cable lines - 10 lines, lengths 17 km'
• 6/10 kw air - transfer lines - 37 lines, lengths 36 km;
• 6/10 cable lines - 2098 lines, lengths 1587 km;
• 0,4 kw air - transfer lines - 1206 lines, lengths 502 km;
• 0,4 kw cable lines - 6569 lines, lengths 739 km.

The main courses of company are: reliable electro energy supply, make better customer service, improve new technology and modernization of whole network.Russian United Energy System owns 75 percent of Telasi stocks since 2003 that bought it from American company AES. Joint-Stock Company AES Russia was found in 1992. The beginning capital of company were: fuel and hydro electric stations, main electro transfer lines and energy objects, also energy company's , building companies and science-project organizations stocks.
JSC "Kakheti Energy Distribution"   
JSC "Kakheti Energy Distribution" is the only distribution company in Kakheti region established on "Sinatle base" on April 15, 2003.

The main feature of the company: Distribution of electric energy. The consumer's service and bill collection is carried in 8 service-centers of Kakheti Energy Distribution located in every administrative region in Kakheti.
Joint-Stock Company Kakheti Energy Distribution serves 117 058 subscribers. Its average use in a year use is 200 million kilovolt per hour.

"Kakheti Energy Distribution" includes: 
• 10-6 kw EDL - 4990 km;
• 0,4 kw EDL - 11 359 km;
• 10 kw fader - 192;
• 10 - 6/0,4 under stations - 1669 transformer district.









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